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1st Page Google Results:

1st page Google results simply refer to the positioning of a website’s search engine ranking within the organic listings of the Google search engine. After typing in a search phrase to Google search, the first ten natural listings on the results page hold a 1st Page Google Result for that search phrase. Simple!

As the most commonly used search engine online, attaining a 1st page Google result can have a huge impact on your online business. Being classed within the top ten organisations in your industry provides a drastic boost in status, and delivers a message of credibility and confidence to your potential customers that you are a significant and successful business that can be trusted.

Why You Need 1st Page Google Results:

You need 1st page Google results because online shopping figures are constantly on the increase. As more and more shoppers choose the internet over the high street, ensuring that your business is as easily accessible as possible is essential to online success. The majority of online shoppers find what they are looking for on the first page of a search engine’s results pages, and Google is the most widely used search engine in the world.

Using a web search engine log of over 2,000,000 interactions from hundreds of thousands of users of a major web meta-search engine, we analysed the click-through patterns, below you can see a simple representation of traffic volume and corresponding search engine position:

Natural 1st Page Google Results:

We can help you achieve 1st page Google results for your Premium website product by utilising the knowledge and understanding that we have gained of the search engines over the years. To maximise your online exposure, PC TECH's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists will work alongside you to decide upon the most effective search terms that your website should target, assist you in correctly targeting your web pages to these terms, and market your website online to ensure maximum exposure.

Organic search engine results are not reliant on Pay Per Click marketing. These Google results will not be victim to the same pitfalls of Pay Per Click (PPC) positioning, and require no activation fee. Instead of ongoing monthly fees to maintain your PPC positioning, organic results listings are reliant upon SEO techniques being carried out, proving to be a far more cost effective solution to ongoing 1st page exposure.

Prime Positioning with 1st Page Google Results:

With a 1st page Google ranking, your website and business will immediately benefit from the high levels of quality traffic that Google searches generates. This increased level of traffic will bring about more visitors to your website, and significantly contribute to an increase in sales conversions.

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